OP-Z can't connected with iOS in 1.1.23

my op-z can’t connected with iOS APP anymore,when i updated to 1.1.23 ?
what’s wrong with my op-z?

in screen showed seems anything all right,however,i can’t control in APP when i switch to other ICON of APP.

and,op-z “freeze” with 5 white lights.left light keep flash all the time.

restart op-z,still work,but,if i reconnected with iPad,same wrong :(

please HELP~thank you~

I’ve been having the same issue. I was able to connect after I changed to a different Project, but don’t know what’s causing the bug.

thank you for your help~
thank you very much!

i follow your advice changed project,APP working again~

why?what happened?

Same Bug here. When I connect the App while on Project #0 my OP-Z freezes. Connecting the App while on Project #1-9 everything works fine without issues.