OP-Z Chord tips

Hi guys!

My OP-Z arrived few days ago and I’m very impressed with the machine. I have been working with machines like MPC and SP-404 for few year, in other words, I played around samples.

Do you have any tips on how I can evolve with the use of chords on OP-Z?

Some website that helps to understand chord progression or some tips on how to start with simple arrangements already helps.

Many thanks!

This PDF has helped me bit:

12 Music Theory Hacks to Learn Scales and Chords

Also check out Hook Theory, starting with Windowlicker on the piano:



Hey pwenzel, thank you so much!

I will read this book soon.

Try combinations untell you find stuff you think sounds good? Start with simple minor and major chords.

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I like this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kekstudio.chordprogressionmaster


Many thanks guys! I will look these resources soon.

Hook Theory.