OP-Z colour issue buttons


have anybody else the same colour
Issue with the buttons? My button „6“ is grey
instead of black (see picture link - from my iPad
i can‘t load a picture directly)


Best regards

…Wow! Another “special limited edition”
Maybe in 30 years this will make you rich :wink:

The weird thing about this is that there is no numeric gray button at all, so it was not a simple case of a sleepy guy in China picking up the wrong part… but for sure the QA guy called in sick that day :smile:

That’s pretty fucking cool

The earlier beta-stage models had all gray buttons. If you just google ‘teenage engineering op-z’ you can see pretty quickly. Eventually they decided to make all black keys on the keyboard black (a wise decision for multiple reasons i’d say). Looks to me like they had an old 6 laying around, and threw it on yours! Pretty cool actually.

My OP-Z works perfectly and I’m very happy with the overall design. Should I see a doctor?

@KOHLBERG Good catch, I had not paid attention to that difference!

@Birthcenter Don’t bother, your case is hopeless!