OP-Z connectivity

I just bought a Syncussion Sy-1M kit and thought…how I‘m going to trigger that thing??
How many devices midi and cv can the OP-Z trigger? It has 10 patterns per track right? And a midi and cv track. Does this mean it can control 20 different devices??
Only got a OP-1 but dont think it can trigger something like the syncussion while still being able to output sound right?

I have zero experience with the device you mention (seems cool though!) but the OP-1 can do CV (pocker operator sync) by splittin the stereo signal into one mono mix and one click channel. You need a split cable for that though, Hosa make them pretty cheap.

As for the OP-Z, I guess we’ll see as soon as the midi modules drop. Or maybe one of the beta testers on this page or facebook could help you shed som light on that.

The Syncussion also has Midi in. How would I route the OP-1 through Midi to external gear?
Is the RK 005 host something that could help me?

OP-Lab then

@nisiru said:
OP-Lab then

I guess it would be a perfect fit. But its discontinued afaik.
What about something like this?

What about a rpi ? It would be the cheapest option.

@jazzmess said:
What about a rpi ? It would be the cheapest option.

Are there any kits you are aware of?

Moreover I‘m wondering about this too. Imagine I can send Midi to the Syncussion. Does the OP-1 still produce sound then or does it only act as a controller? Could I play the synth engines while the OP-1 pattern sequencer is running and triggering the external gear or how is this supposed to work?

I think rpi3+ and hyperpixel screen (capacitive !) is quite compact and will allow you to route midi easily.
Someone drafted an app for midi routing must find this back.

And screen is not mandatory, just gives more flexibility.

Is there no other option than a pocket linux distro that I need to boot up first? ?
What about the link?

I will probably go with something like this. This is just super easy and the OP-1 would still be usabale fully.

I think the rk005 is your best option, it’s slick and done by an awesome team, but it’s a 160€ one :slight_smile: and you will still need external power. I prefer having more USB ports :wink:

But then I cant use the op-1 fully right? Patterns will always be for the external midi gear. Whereas when I get a sequencer I have room for patterns on the op-1 and can control the syncussion easily. Aaaabd the midialf is cheaper then the op-1 midi thing…which I would need anyways to be able to sync…
This is getting complicated…