OP-Z Custom Samples Tutorial + Animation & Surprise


I wanted to make this video halfway between a remake and a tutorial starting to squeeze the power of the new OP-Z.
I built the idea on Mr.Oizo’s song, “Flat Beat”, a historical electro song that was the emblem of a Levis advertising campaign, starting from his own sample taken from “Put Your Love” by The Fatback Band (1975) also including “Flat Eric” the cute puppet that I animated through “Photobooth” by OP-Z.

You have seen me publish some short videos taken from the “Jamuary” a loving initiative by Cuckoo that has allowed us all to get to know each other through 1 minute jam. It was a long time since I published a video that was as extensive and edited as the ones I did in the past with OP-1 and that some of you will know (OP1 Stranger Things /OP1 Vaporwave / OP1 Dr.Dre etc). I have also included my 2 favorite pocket operators, the K.O. and the SPEAK, which I usually use to sample and act as vocoder.