OP-Z CV / Gate Module confirmed

As expected the first module for the OP-Z will be a CV-Gate interface to go along with the PO-Modulars. Below is a screengrab from a ‘behind the scenes’ video by TE.

from this video:


Wonder how much the oplab OP-Z module will cost… based on the pricing of TE OP-1/OP-Z accessoiries it’s probably not gonna be cheap :no_mouth:

but based on the modular modules I think it will be cheap.

Awesome, this is the best news. I already have a 0-Coast that I don’t use enough so I think with this I’ll have my modular/sequencing itch scratched, at least until the Cuckoo/Hwang/RMR videos come out for the Pocket Modulars!

I’m afraid it could be the last module for OP-Z too. The whole modular system will live its own life beside OP-Z, just guessing.

Update: But… Individual modular attachments to OP-Z OPLAB make perfect sense.

Might just be me but one gate and cv output on a 16 track sequencer doesn’t seem to make much usd of it’s capabilities…?

There is CV2 and CV3 as well (stereo cables).

Thx, that sounds much more useable :+1:

Since it’s branded as opLab, I wonder if it will work with the old sensors I.e. Flip, Push etc. or if they’ll release new sensors for this. Could be the reason it’s taking more time to release.