OP-Z/Digitone Syncing issues

Hey all,

I’m trying to sync and control notes of the Digitone with the OP-Z.

I found a video that’s helping me out but i’m stuck. Here’s the video:

I’m going OPlab midi out → MIDI in of Digitone.

OP-Z midi out + clock out are enabled and Digitone clock receive and transport receive are checked but when I press play on the OP-Z the Digitone sequencer does not track.

I made sure to download the latest OP-Z firmware update incase that was causing the problem but that hasn’t solved anything.

Am I missing something?

Does your OPlab work with other devices? Some of them have connection issues.

(I use the OP-Z as a master clock, connected to the keystep (via usb) and use midi to the digitone. This works like a charm. So, maybe it´s an OPlab issue …

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Wow you’re right I tried it with the microcosm + TR-6S and i’m having the exact same issue…very frustrating.

I’ve had issues with midi clock glitching out on the Digitone when sending clock from the oplab. Unfortunately the module is hit or miss and is not very stable. Otherwise it would be a great combo if it worked well.

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Yeah i’ll just have to go with the USB → USB C adaptor method like in the video. 10$ vs 200$ … and more reliable :thinking:

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