OP-Z + Ditto X4 midi compatibility

Hey everyone I currently am using the OP-Z as the center piece in my rig for preforming live and I also play guitar along with it. The idea I have is to send midi from the OP-Z to the ditto X4 to control the loop length so my guitar loop will be in time with the OP-Z.

I’ve never tried anything like this before and I was wondering if any of you have tried this combo before? If so what would I need gear wise besides the OP-Z and Ditto x4 to pull this off?

Also I don’t exactly need to use a ditto X4 and would like any suggestions or recommendations for loop pedals that take midi information and could help me achieve this goal.

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basically you have to enable midi clock and midi out on the OP-Z, make sure to check the ditto x4 midi settings for incoming messages (enabled)

this should lead to minimum of start/stop in sync with the OP-Z or at maximum you should be able to control the tempo and the Ditto knobs via midi CC.

I don‘t know if the loop length is changeable once you recorded a take.

iam using the EHX 2880 from time to time with midi, it acts basically like the OP-1 tape.

pro tip: learn to stay in sync without midi and loop your stuff just in time with a metronome or beat. :fire:

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I synced a strymon timeline to a edp pro via midi. Timeline was midi Slave. I had two loops playing in sync that way. It should also work with the OP-Z if you have the appropriate midi connection.

Thank you for the tips! Practicing without midi and just building up my chops looping is probably the best, its reassuring to hear advice I should just go for it midi or not!

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Did you ever try the original idea? I want to do the same (about to get the op z), I also have a kenton usb host… my concern is that I would also need midi from op z to sync my op 1, hence somehow need to split that midi usb signal I guess…