OP-Z Drum Utility doesn't show up in Ableton 10


I’ve been working some years with Ableton now and i have multiple VST’s working just fine.
I just downloaded the OP-1 Drum Utility and put the .dll file in my VST directory.
It somehow doesn’t show up? What am i doing wrong here?
Yes, i’ve downloaded the Win version for my Win/HP laptop.

i wanna say its b/c the vst is 32bit and u may be running live 64bit

i know there is a 64 bit vst for mac but not sure about pc

hmm i dont use the drum utility vst i use the standalone program. but i’ll bump the thread so you get an answer

Yep, it’s Live 10 running 64-bit. Can’t imagine i’m the only one. Where to find the right DLL. It’s not on the site.
I’ve just send the owner of the site an email asking for a Win 64-bit version.
I’ll keep everybody here informed.

Hi Erlik,

What stand alone program are you referring to?

the op1 drum utility, i just open it, load the aiff files that i chopped in audacity or ableton, and export the kit aiff file. Then load to opz as usual.