OP-Z External Control

Does anyone know of a way to engage the track and shift buttons externally?


I don’t think this is possible over midi CC. Which is a big shame. It would be great to be able to do it. Maybe there is another way though…

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I think you’re right.

When I hit Track or Shift while connected to MIDI Scope, nothing happens, not until a second button is engaged.

It would be very helpful, the P button as well.

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my shift button is very unreliable, flashing shift/unshift when being held while programming so steps which should have components added are just removed etc. just making shift midi addressable would solve this and extend the hardware reliability greatly

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When I first got my OP-Z I sent in a feature request for a setting to change the pitch bend into an additional shift button (for holding the Z vertically), but external MIDI control would be cool too.

This wouldn’t fix step component issues, but a lot of the settings controlled by track and shift + track can be controlled via MIDI:

  • Step length (CC 61)
  • Step count (CC 60)
  • Portamento (CC 17)
  • Quantization (CC 62)
  • Note Length (CC 63)
  • Note type/polyphony (CC 18)
  • Active track (CC 102 Ch 1)
  • Parameter page (CC 102 Ch 2)

You can do this on the Arturia key step

Wait, seriously? :exploding_head: This could change a lot for me.

What are you sending from the Keystep to engage the Shift and/or Track buttons on the OP-Z?

I send you a video from cuckoo, he explains it for you, it’s the second device

I skipped around in that video and saw him talk about playing notes on the OP-Z through the Keystep but not about engaging the OP-Z’s Shift (or Shift + Track) functions.

Let me know if I overlooked that part, otherwise I assume this was just a miscommunication I got overly excited about :slight_smile: