OP-Z external tempo control

hello all,

i’m trying to control the tempo of the op-z from an external controller. i’m sending CC 56 in a range of 0-127, but it gets weirdly rescaled to 40-127. i know 40 is already the lower limit for the Z but 127 seems incredibly low as an upper limit. i could do it on the Z itself, but i am trying to use an external controller for a lot of parameters, so it’d be way more convenient.

is there a better way to send this other than CC 56? NRPN??


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woah !
you have find an actual mistake in the system! thanks for pointing it out ! i have just tested it. its true.

cc 0-127 relates directly to tempo 0-127bpm!!! cc value should NOT be BPM value. its a mistake. scale should have been reconfigured to match actual hardware tempo range 40-200bpm.

so now we can only have 40-127bpm, there is no way of going above 127, because its a maximum CCvalue. its an easy fix for teenage engineering (firmware update), and they should definitely update it :man_facepalming:

cc 1 should be tempo 40
cc 127 should be tempo 200

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glad to know!!

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…its a good challenge though…
i think the only way to hack around this is to send midi “clock”. its a bit different than cc value, but it effects global tempo. :thinking: