OP-Z Field

Just wanted to throw this question in the room:

How likely do you think that we are going to get an OP-Z Field this year or in the near future?

Really hope this will be a thing and will have the same build quality as the OP-1 Field and the TX-6.
Since the build quality (bending) was the main reason I didn’t pull the trigger on a OP-Z…

Possibly it will be available in an aluminum housing for $1200. :expressionless:

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I’m not sure, they just released a new opz module… opz isn’t that old really but who knows?

The way TE people said “the second entry in the Field product series” does suggest there is more to come. The question is: what is missing? An update to OP-1 to match TX-6 makes sense. If one would do that to OP-Z, you’d get 32bit processing, cleaner synths and effects and probably a big price hike. Oh and the new module would not work anymore (or not make sense), since that is (probably?) not 32 bit. So that last thing, to me, points to: no OP-Z field.

Headphones maybe?

Just gonna leave this here…:joy::man_shrugging:t2:


It’s the source of pretty much all build quality complaints, I can’t see how it’s NOT in our little buddy’s future

They could probably release it during NAMN, OP-1F was released three weeks after the mixer. NAMN would be three weeks after OP-1F.


PLEASE! add a tiny display like the one on the tx6.


It would be cool if they could take it a different direction but keep the step components idea. Definitely add a screen, better sample management with longer sampling times. 4 sequencer pages. Something that could be more powerful than the octatrack. OP-Z has one of the best sequencer workflows I’ve ever used (1st place is Cirklon though). I just want a bit more detail in step sequencing and more interesting ways to manipulate samples.

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I would love to see an OP-Z Field with Stereo samples!

I would love to see a custom drilled aluminum chassis which serves as a new interface by just controlling the opZ mechanically.

like a snap case genuinely sized a bit bigger to enlarge the control surface by using the OG OPLab in it’s original form factor as a PCB so to say.

it could be easily fastened due to its precise edges