OP-Z Firmware 1.2.14 Bug Report

Ok. I have found two bugs recently:

  1. If you’re in Sample edit mode and press play for monitoring, the Pitch goes +1 every time you hit the play button.
    Normally it’s just the plus/minus buttons for pitch control and the yellow disk. (fixed in 1.2.14)

  2. If you control the OP-Z externally it’s not possible anymore to add a different note to the sequencer trigs, once they contain a note when the sequencer is running.
    normally you can hold down a trig, play a chord on the external controller and the note data is laid down on this particular trig. If the sequencer is running this doesn’t work, you have to stop the sequencer to get this function to work. (not fixed in 1.2.14) --the trig doesn’t accept a chord Input from external devices, it just inserts a single note instead of 3 or more and this just happens when the sequencer is running.
    otherwise you can hold down a trig and insert as much notes as possible in an order you like and the OP-Z will play all inserted notes on this trig as expected.

It would be a good performance feature to be able to change whole chords instead of mono notes. :slight_smile: as before!

If you explore bugs, write em down as clear as possible!


After recent update a few bugs I’ve encountered but not always able to replicate:

  • Unable to chain patterns. Until rebooting.
  • Glitched white led “screen” when booting.
  • Arp does not always change notes immediately on pattern switch.

Haven’t installed it yet, but I’ve seen on Bruno’s video, and a comment on this forum, that the LED for LFO choice glitches on white after you get to the second set of shapes.

LFO in clock sync mode (120bpm) drifts over time; easy to notice w/ 1/8th and 1/16th rates. Happens in both triggered and untriggered modes.

There is a new firmware - 1.2.14. Wondering if it makes any difference to these issues…


yes, indeed!


  • improve sample preloading, less likely to miss first note when switching pattern

  • switch pattern immediately on incoming program change (instead of waiting until next step)

  • change trig driven tracks to play upon entering step instead of exiting

  • truncate overlapping sequencer trigs if same note

  • fix crash when connecting to app with certain patterns

  • fix bug where pressing play caused pitch change in sample mode

  • fix bug where triggers on fx2 would affect tape track

  • show correct led color for last six LFO shapes


Any idea what this means? :thinking:

I hope it means that it starts playing a sequence at the first trig, even the ones the are nudged -1 or greater. Because those are ususally ignored when starting the sequence…

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its a step component feature where a track can be driven by an external trig (via oplab) and this changes the trig forward behaviour from OFF-note to ON-note priority, like a midi on/off message and if a note is played when pressed down (note ON) or released (note OFF)

this is what you mean @HOLY

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Great…that’s always been buggin me.

EDIT: it still doesn’t work theway I thought…

Content Mode doesn;t work with Win10.
I keep getting messages that i have to conncet a proper USB device.
Upgrade Mode works fine.


I think it would be a good idea to make a new thread for 1.2.14 so it’s easier for the developers to follow.

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i change the topic and Bug Nr2 in my first post is still there.

(no chord input from external devices when the sequencer is running, holding down a trig and inserting notes just leaves the last played note (mono))

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It’s not a bug, but a request:
PLEEEAAASE finally add LFO-support for the oplab-module (mainly CV 2 and CV 3).
Love all the new LFO-possibilities and would be happy to use them on my 0-coast…

The low battery indicator seems a bit flaky - see https://op-forums.com/t/strange-leds-on-op-z/15773

…that would certainly be a feature I would want if I had the module

So first time my OP-Z crashed. Doing some music with my phone connected. Suddenty music stops and the phone gets disconnected, and the OP-Z crashes. Have not experienced such a behaviour before patching.

Content mode also DOES NOT WORK on mac osx after latest update. Super fucking pissed right now. Im stuck with all the factory sounds now