Strange LEDs on OP-Z

Hello. I’m on firmware 1.2.14 and I’ve just noticed some strange behaviour with two of the LEDs on the dials that I hadn’t noticed before the update.
When playing a track, at a certain moment the LED for the yellow dial will flash yellow rapidly and the LED for the red dial will light up red - both these happen together for about 1 - 2 seconds and then stop. It happens on any track and on any parameter page, at what appear to be random times - it can happen once or several times. It doesn’t seem to be linked to parameter locks or step components, and doesn’t seem to affect anything that’s playing.
I’m curious what this is - has anyone else noticed this?

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I guess it’s this new feature since FW 1.2.12?
Just check if your battery-level is low at those times, to confirm.

Yes, you may well be right (and I did think that), but when I checked the battery level it was at two-thirds full, so I thought it might be something else. Maybe this feature does work quite so well as intended… or my battery is on its way out (which would be highly unsatisfactory after less than a year’s use - I must have charged it less than 20 times in this time)

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Hmm perhaps it’s still buggy :-/ I don’t think you battery will fail that soon.

OK - I might post this to the bugs thread.