OP-Z guide condensed as foldable quickref (A4)

Made these condensed reference pages for myself to clarify the bewildering walls-of-data that are in the manual. Designed them to be folded up and fit inside an OP-Z case. Might be useful for the rest of you. Let me know if you have ideas for improvements:

UPDATE: Have put all the links on a post in my blog so if I add more or the links change I don’t have to go updating them in various other places as well.

UPDATE 2: Have added more information and diagrams to the aforementioned post.

All the files: https://spongefile.ghost.io/making-sense-of-the-op-z/

These are great! My only criticism would be the contrast could be more erm contrasting :smiley: But that is probably down to my eyesight more than anything! Thanks for creating and posting these ??

@darenager said:
These are great! My only criticism would be the contrast could be more erm contrasting :smiley: But that is probably down to my eyesight more than anything! Thanks for creating and posting these ??

Fair point :smiley: If you let me know which bits are hard to read, I can make a higher contrast version!

Maybe just make the grey darker? But maybe a monochrome one would be ok for printing - probably for the step components one where the colour isn’t a requirement? Also the outline font maybe could be just a regular one instead. I don’t want to sound ungrateful though, yours is certainly way better than anything I could cobble together! As I said it is probably more a comment on my eyesight than anything :slight_smile: I tend to make everything black and white and 14point font these days, ha ha!

@darenager monochrome page 1 and 2 for you!

Questions I’ve had while making these:

  • What is portamento “direct”?
  • When would you use jump “stay”?
  • What do “align to global track” and “gate step” mean?
  • I’d love for someone to make a very clear explanation of how to use step triggers

Those are great!

I think portamento direct should be the time taken to slide in pitch from the first to second note is directly related to the distance between the notes, so a small distance woild be a quick glide and a large distance a big swoop. But doesn’t seem to do anything when tried, maybe it is depending on voice settings?

No idea on jump stay, possibly for when you want a part in a pattern to stop, like at the end of a song, remember you can use it in conjunction with other step components too, so like it could be set to only happen on a certain pass.

Align to global track probably means to bring the step where it is placed in odd meter tracks back on the 1 when the pattern loops.

Thanks, that clarifies some things.

About the step components:
The app describes triggers as “ignore” (parameter lock, step component, step trigger) but in some documentation it seems like they can also do the opposite? Or is that documentation wrong?

Has anyone done a “cookbook” of how to combine step components into useful “recipes” for standard things?

@frybry you’re welcome! (ma’am :D)

@darenager any idea what “gate step” does?

@spongefile I’m not sure, I tried it a few ways and can’t notice any effect. I tried it on both synth and drum, with various other components and different voice settings FWIW.

Thanks for the high contrast versions BTW!

@darenager I’ve gotten to the point where I have a bunch of questions that the manual doesn’t answer yet. I guess they’ll expand on it later.

One more: If you adjust FX level in the FX track, and then also the level of an FX track in the mixer, is that the same thing?

I think the fx send in the fx track just reflects the settings in the track, changing either will be reflected in the other.

Saw your post on instagram – thanks miss!

@boe_dye said:
Saw your post on instagram – thanks miss!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

@spongefile said:
@frybry you’re welcome! (ma’am :D)

Oh, so sorry Spongy - I see you are not ‘dude’ lol - still thanks for the work. I will put it in my Zed case when it finally comes from MoMa. Peace.

I just watched your video from 2015 about coming up with new products, very much in line with my own thoughts both as a producer and consumer of products.

@flybry no worries :smiley:
@darenager I think that’s the TE philosophy too

Btw all, I just added to my original blog post:

  • another reference page showing how the button mapping changes as you hold down certain buttons
  • links to other guides and videos

Here: https://spongefile.ghost.io/making-sense-of-the-op-z/