OP-Z Guide


the complete op-z guide is online!

cheers…good way to spend my evening :slight_smile:

Waiting for someone to put this into an PDF… This is terrible to use…

Huh. After watching Cuckoo’s vid I thought there was only one synth engine per synth track. Pleasantly surprised to see there’s nearly 10! :smiley:

Thanks @flom

bow: string synthesis
cluster: clustered oscillators
digital :digital raw engine
electric :complex and transforming
saw: filtered waves
shade: smooth piano
sample: PCM sample player
uranus: clean bass
volt: multi oscillator electric synthesis

type: vector semilinear crusher
type: basic digital delay
type: overdrive distortion
type: digital reverb

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slick everything is coming together finally!

I just noticed we have a whopping 25MB available for our own samples! Amazing!


___subtractive recording

press – while holding rec for subtractive recording mode. held notes will now be removed from active steps.___

does it mean it will expand on length on its own? omfl


lead is a track dedicated to synth leads. any note style can be used. the polyphony for this track is three, meaning maximum tree notes per step.

originally copied from the manual…is this a hint to bash a lot of 3 note polyphony chords on one step? like layering with step components? I def. like the 2 note polyphony on drum tracks.

…and 4 note poly on chord track for extended chords

So in the manual intro it says “for a deeper Understanding visit the email website and take a lesson”

Anybody know what that is?

meaning maximum TREE ? like a step component tree. that’s the hint

Damn the OP-Z is like an abyss! ??