OP-Z Hardware Upgrade?

I’m about to buy an OP-Z, but I have to ask: does anyone think there is going to be a hardware upgrade anytime soon? I wouldn’t think so, since it is relatively new, but I’d hate to buy it only to learn that there is a new version coming out with better battery life or something.
Thanks for your thoughts.

No inside info here, but I’d doubt it. If you get a good one (like I did), there shouldn’t be any problem with the hardware (it’s awesome as is!).

One thing about the OP-Z battery is that it is replaceable. I haven’t seen TE post anything about replacement batteries through their store yet, but at least that component could hypothetically be serviced without buying a whole new unit.

You can see the battery inside from this teardown article.

TE has a history of not upgrading their hardware, just the software with the premium devices. They have talked publicly about how they are proud that the op-1 has been out like 10 years with no hardware update and no plans for any hardware updates. The op-1 kinda had a “hardware update” when they released the accessories like the crank and bender. The op-z has the module slot and a removable battery. Any physical upgrades will most likely be sold as accessories like the ZM-1 module.

I hope you enjoy your OP-Z

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I recently exchanged my OP-Z for a new one because of some hardware issues with note retriggering, and while I can say not much is different I’m definitely happy with the feel and quality of the buttons now. Something about the one I had from the first adopters batch felt somewhat stiff and not very clicky, but it at least seems like they’ve made minor improvements on that issue.

I ordered as part of the first/second batch and had issues with the keys double triggering, and I just got a replacement unit yesterday, these are the differences I noticed:

  • packaging is a bit darker shade (and says 160 patterns instead of 256)
  • battery has the label printed on the visible side (top), when it’s installed
  • the surface of the OP-Z feels like more grippy/rough (could be just because it’s brand new)
  • the back plate jiggles way less
  • new icons for the step components
  • the keys are easier to press and less clicky, much better to jam on
  • the screen and metronome key gets stuck sometimes, but after pressing them rapidly a few times, this seems to be going away

all in all, it feels more solid, like a real product and not a high fidelity prototype!

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I ordered an OP-Z from a retailer, so I don’t know what batch it’s going to be. How many batches have their been, and as someone who has seen a good one and a bad one, how can I tell? Should i just look at new/old icons? How will I know if the buttons are double trigger ones?
Thanks for the info.

Yes, the symbols for the master track will be an “M” if it’s the second batch and the last few trig conditions will be arrows instead of the triangle and star. Double Triggering only becomes noticeable after a decent period of time, about a month or two for me at least; I doubt it’s ultimately preventable just because of the nature of the hardware, but if you ever experience an issue with it you can have your retailer handle an exchange for a new one so long as its within the 1 year warranty.

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It is interesting that you mentioned that double triggering is only noticeable after a while. Maybe the problem is somehow related to dust contamination or contact oxidation…

Now I’m nervous. I’m not sure if the retailer will be able to get the original warranty. Are you saying that eventually it’s going to double trigger no matter what? I thought that even though there are some quality control issues, if you get a good one it will be really durable and last a long time.

the thing has been out for just over 6 months. It’s hard to talk about long term durability at this point.

Mines never double triggered. It’s a first batch.