OP-Z Headset Mode


Can someone confirm, that the Headset Mode mentioned here is working exactly like in the manual?

I can switch the microphone on by pressing the button on the Headphones and the microphone is activated BUT the Buttons do not work as in microphone mode.
“the volume and fx control buttons will function the same as in microphone mode, however the headset mic will be constantly enabled.”

The Buttons still work like the microphone isn’t switched as Project - Mixer - Tempo - Screen Buttons.


i just tried it out with a pair of earbuds with mic built in and yes they do work. However the op-z has to be tilted in order for the buttons to function as the volume and fx buttons.


Thx for trying but i think as soon as you tilt the op-z you‘re in „microfon mode“ and no longer in „headset mode“ as described in the manual.


microphone and settings stay enabled or as they were unless you verticalise the opz and then you can change settings with buttons


I want to know if you can use a four pole headphone splitter to split the sound into an out audio and a headset mic controllable headset