OP-Z ios app bluetooth communication

is anyone reverse engineering the ios app? do we know how it works? Can we make the Android one ourselves? I did know nothing about bluetooth LE until yesterday but I have been able to send MIDI over Bluetooth to/from Android but nothing else. Does anyone know if the app is using midi (probably not) or bluetooth GATT (i saw one service probably for midi and some other one) or something else? Would anyone be able to sniff bluetooth communication on ios device?

I think TE stated that they plan on adding the app to android at some point.

but I don’t want to wait :slight_smile:
Photomatic and visual (unity) should be possible quite easily right now with just midi

Someone gave some details about that in here on over at reddit, I can recall exactly… I searched around but could not find it.

What I recall was that it uses MIDI over BT (as opposed to some proprietary protocol) but there is some sequence of codes sent over to the app at the begining that the OP could not figure out…