Op-z keyboard

I’ve had op-z for a bit now and picked up a kboard based on some youtubers recommendation, which used was like 45 bucks, so not bad. I am little disappointed that I have to load an editing software to change the midi channel though, should have done more reseach. Octave button will rotate through synth engines, but to change to a different track I have to load a software editor, plug the kboard in to a computer and then go from there.

Any suggestions for a similar form factor keyboard that I can change channels/tracks with easier? I think the keystep does this, but something that large negates the point of an op-z for me.

i also have a kboard and this is not my experience at all. i just plug mine into the z and it works. not sure what youre even talking about with the software editing program?

To change settings of the kboard requires a program on a computer, they do have an iOS app as well, though that’s still a bit of a pain.

I think I figured out a way for it to work, I changed “channel 1 to active track” to enabled in midi settings and it the kboard plays the active track. Not perfect, but it’s closer to what I wanted.

I have the Akai MPK mini and in theory it should work out the box but it would need a usb hub to power it. I can try it out an maybe post a video if you are interested.

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I used an CME XKey. You can change midi channels easily and so tracks.

… is indeed your best friend :wink:

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a bit more expensive like 80 bucks used but def. worth is the older brother Qunexus!

within its special coma mode it’s possible to change the entire unit standalone. it’s a bit confusing but works quiet well.

comes with CV/Gate Input and Output and channel rotation which means every note has its own midi channel! nice for making all Midi controllable Mono synth chainable and polyphonic playable :sweat_smile: