OP-Z LFO output to MIDI?

I’ve been using my OP-Z to sequence Ableton, and it’s really great. If you map the OP-Z’s encoders to filter, resonance, pitch, pan, and so on, then all the step components work too.

My problem is, the OP-Z LFO doesn’t seem to work properly in this mode.Say I set it to pan the track. I expect it to modulate the pan control, and from there, also pass on the panning to Ableton.

Is this not possible? Or am I missing something?

I know this is old now but im having the exact same issue! Did you ever find a solution?

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Unfortunately the LFOs only seem to affect the OP-Z’s engines themselves.

Aside from parameter locks, the closest thing is probably the Sweep step component, which does affect outgoing MIDI.

The downside is they can only do the up/down/up or down/up/down modulation and can only control P1, Filter, and Pan (parameters 1, 3, and 15).

The upside is they work smoothly even if you’re using longer step lengths, and the P1 and Filter sweeps adapt to the starting value (i.e., whether the filter starts at 0 or 100, it will take the same amount of time to reach 127 and return to the starting value).


That’s great to know thanks! I think I can get away with parameter locks for my solution - but ill give sweep a go and see if it sounds any better

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