OP-Z Light choices and DMX Integration

Hi everyone,

I know that we have very little detail on the DMX integration of the device, but I would love to get the conversation started from those of you that might have more experience with the DMX protocol in general. Mostly, I am curious what kind of lights might be a good choice for sequencer/step-based implementation? Would love to hear your experiences and recommendations. For me personally, I’d love a budget light that can really show off the capabilities of the OP-Z

Let’s start with what very little we know: “the OP-Z has the ability to control up to 16 lights through DMX”

What does this mean to users of the DMX protocol as far as potential? And those with experience, any recommendations as far as bang-for-buck performance lights that you think might be suitable for the OP-Z?

Looking forward to the discussion :slight_smile:

I just saw this after I asked the same question. I’m wondering if it’s gonna be wireless or module based. Your def gonna need the app to designate channels and values

I think it’s probably more likely that it will be able to control 16 variables in a universe, so it will be based on your design of the rig and channels you wanna sequence.

I’m super curious how it’s gonna work.