OP-Z line module midi

Hi all, I bought the line module mostly for audio in/out which is working fine.
Now I wanted to use the in/out ports which are both switched to midi.
In the app midi in/out and clock in/out are enabled and I actually see the leds on the output flashing in sync with the clock setting (using the green knob).

… but when attaching with both an Arturia and a novation din to trs nothing happens. No clock and no midi seem to be output or received. Does this mean it will only work with the teenage midi cable itself? Which trs is it using?

Or might something else be wrong? I don’t see any line module specific midi routing options in the app.

I’ve been using any old cable buuuuut you will need to get your head around midi-a and midi-b and what your other devices use.

Well interestingly I just connected the novation circuit to the Arturia keystep using a straight trs cable and they see each other just fine, implying they use the same trs type which might explain this.
EDIT: it appears both arturia and novation are using type B and I only have those trs to midi converters :grimacing:

I probably can work around this using usb or bluetooth for sync but in my experience using din midi is very useful to avoid usb ground noise

You just need to switch the polarity. Cut the cable and connect the 2 strands the other way = you just built yourself a midi-a to midi-b trs converter.

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I hope op forums allows users to post outside links.

This is the trs midi adapter i use. I bought one and will likely buy several more. They simply swap the tip and ring. therefore switching from A to B trs midi.

Works a charm.

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