OP-Z Line Module - Saving Mono/Stereo setting

Is there a way to save the Mono/Stereo Setting for the Line Module in/out? It resets to Stereo every time a cable is unplugged, that‘s a bit annoying. Please give us a save option by project or pattern, or at least a configurable „default to mono“ setting. Having an effect blast into only one ear is no bueno…

couldn’t u just use a mono to stereo cable?

My point is that the setting resets to stereo whenever you unplug the cable, which is not practical for a mobile device. So when I run something in mono, then do something else with it another day with nothing plugged in, then come back to the project where I want my mono setting I need to remember to turn on the op-z first and then insert the cable while holding the screen button… maybe I have to get used to it, but I would imagine that typically people run the same configuration for a specific pattern, so it would make sense to save it with that.

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just trying to help and offer a solution :slight_smile:

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