OP-Z lost all user data


I’m on firmware 1.1.9 and after having spent a few hours programming on the op-z, I turn it on the next day only to find a non-functioning unit.
Had to do a factory reset to get it back to work.

Most of the entries on the log file are errors opening files (“error type: rb ENOENT”).

I’ve seen people reporting the same issue on the opz section and decided to add it here.

Checking in. Mine was initialized to factory settings after a slow boot on a full charge. I had experienced a few slow boots before this occurred.

I also noticed that the green charging LED was not sustained after the charge and while still connected to usb power. An attempt to hold the screen button to view battery life was also unsuccessful.

I do not believe I did a factory reset after installing the “bonus burden” and wonder if that could have been a contributing factor.

I have since re-installed the OS followed by a factory reset and have not yet encountered data loss or slow boots. I have had some issues getting my computer to recognize the Z in content mode (now more diligent with back-ups), but that could be a connection order problem or something else. Hopefully it keeps going strong until it’s filled with a set’s worth of music.

Yep, same thing happened to me last night. I made some new tracks after being inspired by what I saw at NAMM.
They were the best thing I made in months.

Worked perfectly last night.
This morning it was factory reset. Pissed doesn’t even cover it at this point.

Now I have to attempt a backup every damn time I use it since I can’t trust it.