OP-Z - low output level

Hi everyone, I connected my OP-Z with several boomboxes, nearly nothing comes out in comparison to other deviced like notebook, iphone etc. Is it normal, that the output level is so low?
Thanks for your help

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You might just have your levels low. Assuming the yellow power know is all the way up, hold down the level button (second from left on top) and you can adjust the levels for drum group (green dial), synth group (blue dial), compressor (yellow dial), and master (red dial). The lights blink red when you’re clipping to show you if you still have head room to turn it up. This tripped me up at first, could be what’s causing your issues as well!

Hey, thank you for your reply. let me give a try as soon as I have my OP-Z. thank you very much again

My opz is too loud for any device (speakers, headphones, etc.) I barely turn my yellow knob passed half if even that far away

Different updates have different volumes, the second being the quietest (if i recall rightly).

Same for me, a quarter turn is enough to listen via headphones and sometimes even too loud for recording. No problems with external speakers either…

I did not notice any differences between firmwares, but perhaps resetting the unit can help…

Had similar issues. Required hardware replacement.

There is a setting in the general.json config file (which you can edit in the config folder when the OP-Z is mounted in disk mode).
The setting you can change is “disable_headphone_db_reduction”
Set this to true and your OP-Z will be able to go louder - be careful not to damage your ears though!!!


Thanks !