OP-Z Mac Desktop App always opens in Full Screen Mode?



I have a dual monitor setup and when I start the OP-Z Application on my Mac Laptop it always opens in full screen. I have seen videos in which users have it in a normal window, but can’t seem able to set it up like that. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you!

Yeah same f* problem here, that cant be true that its not changeable? Where is TE support?

TE support is not here :).
You can try to report it at teenageengineering.com
I hope they fix this soon.

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Had the same issue. Hit Command + F on the keyboard. The window should exit full screen mode.

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Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try that later.


Thank youi for the tip again. It does work and i can reduce it then using the right most button. BUT, this creates the second issue, where my second screen stays black and is unusable.

The tech support from TE just told me to click on a non existing button (the one that shows up after hitting ctrl+f). i told them about the black screen but no answer yet.

it’s a step in the right direction, but seems like a bug nevertheless.


Yes, i did let them know there is an issue there. Will post here if/when I hear back.

I get dual screen issues tooo
Both screenS black

On dual monitor I still have the same issue. Now I have switched to the iOS App which makes it much simpler.

Still not fixed?