OP-Z Microphone Distortion/ Bitcrusher sound

Just got my OP-Z. Loving everything about it, but something seems to be wrong with my mic. My signal has a yucky bitcrushed sound. It sounds like a 50/50 wet/dry mix. I can hear the clean signal but the bitcrushed sound is waayyy present and I can’t get rid of it. Effects are turned off. Gain seems fine since I can hear half a clean signal. Anyone else have this problem?


Update… the problem is intermittent. I went away while just using the mic in its regular function, but then I used it to sample something. I made sure it wasn’t peaking (it wasn’t) and lo and behold, the pesky sound was in my sample! Anybody having the same problem?

Turn down sample gain? Is a different setting them the recording volume.

I‘ve got the same issue, will let y‘all know if I find out more.

I have that too, but its not always the case. It comes and goes. Rarely some Instruments also start to distort, without me changing anything gain related or else.

Same issue here.

Tried all of the gains, positions and potions. Went even as far as to seclude myself from any electronics in the countryside in case it was some interference etc, no luck:(

Can anyone reproduce it?

I got my OP-Z today and had the same problem when I first tried to sample anything. The OP-Z was connected to my iPhone, but the problem disappeared after restarting my OP-Z.

The next days, I will tinker around with it and see if I can reproduce that issue.