OP-Z Midi CC setup via app?

Hi there, I’m a little new to the midi setup game. I’ve got a Novation launchkey mini lying around I’d like to try to use with the OP-Z. Problem is, the original Launchkey Mini doesn’t seem to have any software to assign CC messages to customize what the knobs and pads do.
I see that there’s a CC menu in the OP-Z app, but I don’t really know how to use is.
If I know the CC message of a knob on the Launchkey, is it possible to assign a function in the op-Z to that knob within the app?

you can easily adjust the corresponding CC via the touch strip in the App!

If you know your midi ccs from the launchkey you can set them there

Thank you for the response! So please forgive my ignorance, but I’m still just a little confused about how to get things aligned by changing the CC values in the app.
If, for example, I wanted rounded button 1 on the controller (which has CC message of 108) to toggle something like mute group 1, how could I assign that?
And I’d like to assign the pad buttons on the controller to different menu functions on the OP-Z, but they use note messages instead of CC messages.

In the midi setup on the app, I see 16 CC messages per track, but I’m not really sure what is being affected when I change the values via the slider.

Again, I’m sorry for the basic questions! I’m really new to this sort of process, and I can’t really find a comprehensive tutorial for this anywhere.

it is sorted into the page structure of the op-z

so white,green, purple/blue and yellow cc 1-16 on channel 1-16 depending on the track you use by default.

if you mirror the numbers you can control the Z parameters with your controller, check the manual for the CCs and their functions.
you‘ll sort it

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Thanks for the help!

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