OP-Z Midi Controller "PO Style"

I know it sounds totally stupid, but I like the feel of the buttons and the layout of the Pocket Operator Sequencer.
I’m asking myself if it would be possible to build a Midi Controller in the size of a Pocket Operator to punch in the steps on my OP-Z.
Has anyone experience in bulding Midi Controller?

theres a lot of info on building midi controllers already out there
arduino and teensy are the most common starting points prolly

building something in that small of a space is gunna be more challenging

but really depends on where youre at,
what skills u have soldering,coding,building,etc, what tools u have/are familiar w/.

i’ve built a couple of controllers for myself. they were fun projects and i use them a lot

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What about using a numpad? Along with an Arduino you could map the keys to MIDI commands