OP-Z mixer for whole project

I think this is a mute groups issue, but is there any way to make it so that I can keep the levels of each track consistent throughout the entire project? I’m building a track that’s going to be probably 10 pattern long and I don’t really want to have to try and remember specific numbers to adjust the mixer to in each pattern.

I think the way patterns are handled could be improved in some way. For example, when you want to record parameter locks over multiple patterns, the value jumps back to default, when you reach the next pattern. At least that’s how I remember it…and didn’t use pattern chains after that.

I have the same trouble – getting a consistent mix across patterns within a project. Sometimes I’ll stumble into something cool and make an adjustment, only to realize my previous patterns… I’ll have to go back and tweak to the same way.

One workaround I’ve found is creating one “master” pattern and copying it over, change my chords or note sequences if they’re different on that end (easier to me than mixing each ‘chorus’ or ‘verse’ of what I’m creating).

Also if it’s a repetitive song, I’m realizing I can save a lot of pattern slots by using the mute groups. Almost like scenes inside a pattern, it just depends on how you’re using it.

u can copy just the pattern settings and paste them to other patterns

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