OP-Z - No Battery, Random Crash / Power-off

Hello all.!

I’m a short-time lurker; Owner of many PO devices, an OP-1, and just recently, an OP-Z.

I made the stupid mistake of buying an OP-Z without a battery at auction. I figured that I could cope without the battery and just plug into USB-C power until I could manage to order one from TE.

However, I am running into a problem in that the device seemingly keeps crashing and rebooting while playing. This happens anywhere between 2 and 7 minutes everytime it boots. I have tried several different charger (wall wart, cell phone, laptop, laptop charger) and cable combinations, which seem to have no problem powering and charging other devices.

I’m hoping that someone has first-hand experience of running one of these devices without a battery and could tell me whether this behaviour is expected or anoumolus.

Overall, it appears to be a nice, well kept device. The firmware is version 1.2.8; which based on my breif research is circa 2019. Searching through release notes, I noticed several instances of crashing bugfixes. I would try a firmware update if it didn’t seem so risky given the power problem.

Ultimately, I only hope to decide whether to return the device or keep it and wait for a battery. I have a limited window to do this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards to all.

Would be so useful to know were the unit can work without issue only on USB power, I just made a purchase and bought OP-Z again ( Used on revrb ) knowing that the battery could give me some issue which happen and now in charge after that I had the ‘infamous’ Yellow Led on charging, I’m investigate BUT while on 1% USb connected looed like it was not charging I had a crash of the OP-Z while testing it ( but with the battery inserted ) so I don’t know if this can interfere, I reckon TE should address this issue OR confirm that the unit can be use only on USB power ( I will test ) and Crashless, also I suggest you to Update to the latest OS 1.2.45

this person claims that it does not turn on without hte battery

I meant to update this issue. I was able to work around this issue by performing a factory reset on the device. I was reluctant to do so, since when in bootloader mode, I had the device reboot a single time, though this could have been something I did physically to the cable.

After performing the factory reset I booted back to the bootloader and flashed the newest firmware. Subsequently, I have experienced no further instability with the device.

The previous owner of the device had some paid sample packs on the device that I was unable to backup, since the disk mode just crashed. It sucked to lose out on this content, but having a working device was worth much more.

I can confirm that the device does indeed power up without the battery attached, at least on my unit with the latest firmware.

FYI, I did follow up w/ TE support about purchasing a new battery. They replied that they currently didn’t have an batteries in stock, nor an ETA for any further units. But said that they planned to have stock at some point in the future.

Hope this helps anybody who is wondering.