OP-z not appearing on PC or Mac in update or disk mode with different cables and computers

Hallo, I have the problem that my OP-Z runs an old firmware (1.1.6) and it does not appear in the file explorer. My procedure is the following: Turning on while pressing the screen button and then connecting USB. I have also tried turning on with the screen button pressed while USB is connected. I have tried this on three different windows machines and two different Mac machines, also I have tried with a camera connection kit and two iPads and an iPhone with two different original OP-Z USB-A to USB-C cables and two other non TE USB-A to USB-C cables. I have also tried pushing the track button while turning on but that doesn’t help either. It is simply not visible. Leaving the device connected for a few hours also did not help in any case. I have no idea what else I can try. Is it possible to update the firmware via Bluetooth Midi Sysex somehow? This is possible for some devices I know. And I also know hoo connect with Bluetooth and getting into the debug mode which was posted here three years ago, but that all doesn’t help. Maybe someone here can help me further without having it sent to a repair service, because it is long out of warranty unfortunately…

You are pressing and holding the screen button while turning it on and keeping it held down till the encoder lights flash white then go solid and the kick track led starts flashing white, correct?

With disk mode, if you keep track held while turning it on, the track leds should all illuminate green and stay solid.

This is without a cable plugged in. Once you get the LED confirmations you can plug in to your computer.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, that’s correct. I am pressing screen and turning on while the USB cable is not plugged in. Then the Kick LED begins to flash slowly and then I insert the USB cable.
And what you describe with the disk mode, I also do exactly this way. With the USB cable not plugged in, I hold the track button and turn the device on. Then as you describe, all the track leds begin to light up in solid green. Then I plug in the USB-cable. And then I wait and nothing happens. With any cable or any pc or Mac I have available and tested so far… Even with iPhones, iPads and Linux computers…