OP-Z not saving in manual mode, but only in Project 1 ? Others save fine

This is a weird bug for me.

My OP-Z is an early one. If I set it in manual save mode, wish this was the default mode, I can manual save on every project except project 1.

Project 1 auto saves fine , and will show the manual save animation , but if I reboot project 1 data is gone.
All other projects work normally.

Have done a factory reset, deleted all patterns, latest firmwear.

I’d think it was bad memory, but it seems to auto save ok.
Any ideas ? I’m done with losing my data and not am a project down unless I keep it in Auto save mode, which I don’t like bc the encoders nudge easily.

Bump, nobody had this issue? I’m probably going to be waiting a long while for a response from T.E.

Any ideas ?

Added a video of the problem.

Could it be a failsafe for when you let your friends play with the opz in manualsafe mode. For extra security. And let them play on project 1.

This is what manual mode is for, so you can let people play on it. But manual mode won’t save on project 1, so I’m a project down. I can only work with 9 projects at the moment.

Yes. But it can be an extra safety thing. For when the friend pushes the wrong button combo. That way your files are safer.

Perfect TE response @fallen_lassen “It’s a feature not a bug” :slight_smile:

It could be yes. And it can be a bug. To me it sounds like a feature. Positivity i guess ?

Clearly a bug or hardware damage.

Nice spin, but I’m not paying the rest as everybody else to have one less bank to save to, I’m not a ‘complete backbirth’ (firefly quote)

I’m happy to make the best of things till they deal with it of course, I know it’s a small company.

With some of my synths i have to keep sequence 1 empty to enable it to sequence it external. Everything has its downfalls
perfection is impossible.

I don’t know, Korg make a pretty good job of completing the job.

I’d hardly call being able to save to all banks perfection lol I’d call it basic.

But I’m going to assume you’re trolling and wait for a grown up to come along.

Im trying to help you with your problem.

I know x

and I’m trying to help you with yours

Edit: posted in wrong thread.