OP-Z on Bad Gear


A shame he couldn’t work out the step length feature (hold track and press black keys for multiples of 16), but overall a good rundown of the unit

And also, the OP-Z app has been out for android for a while. I even have it on my shitty old Galaxy Tab E from like 2015

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Haha I was actually stoked to see the OP-Z on there. I think Florian had pretty minor negatives for it and actually showcased the Op-Z in a pretty positive light.

I love my OP-Z and it reminded me how dope it really is, I would eat up an OP-Z field haha


He let it off far too lightly​:angry::smile:

TE’s manual (online guide) is woefully out of date in places. Maybe he read that? I’ve just read it. Here’s a few dated sections:

“more info about the modules and how to expand the hardware will be available soon.”
(yep, this was written before any modules were out)

I think he might’ve watched a few old review videos and launch videos, Jeremy from Red Means Recording went out on day 2 of OP-Z ownership and bought an iPad. So lots of old reviews mention it’s iOS only. I won’t begrudge him that because otherwise he reviewed it pretty well I think.

He didn’t like the OP-1, didn’t get on with it well at all, yet produced really good stuff with it.