Op-z & op-1 & iPad self contained

I would like to use my OP1 with my OPz connected to my ipad Pro into AUM. Monitoring through my headphones.

How would I synch this and how would I handle audio? connect them all by a hub for synch? use the op-z as audio interface with a splitter?

It feels like such a killer combo, but I can’t find anything on the web for configuration

All help appreciated


p.s.: I own an iRig 2 and a retrokits RK-005, if that helps, though I would like to keep it a lean as possible

If you use a USB hub, you can plug both the OP-Z and the OP-1 into the iPad. That takes care of midi.

The OP-Z will also act as a USB audio interface for the iPad.

Now things get tricky. You need an adapter that splits the OP-Z’s jack into a mic and a headphone jack. You plug your headphones into one, and run a jack from the OP-1’s output into the other. The irig should work for this.

This will let you hear the OP-1, the iPad output, and the OP-Z. The only thing you can’t do is record into the OP-1. You may also need an audio buzz suppressor, if you’re unlucky.

There’s a thread somewhere on using the audio splitter with the OP-Z.


great, thanks a lot, I’ll try that!

That worked quite fine, but how do I synch ipad, opz and op1 while keeping the usb connection between ipad and opz for audio transfer?

USB hub.

Hi I just saw this post while I typed out a sort a like question about these three, are you saying I should use the Op-Z output and I will hear the iPad sounds on the OpZ?

But what if I’d like to hear the Op-1 and OpZ on the iPad to record them for example in cubasis?