OP-Z -> OP-1 Via USB Audio?

Yo! I like connecting my Keylab 61 into my OP-Z via the OPLAB module and then running a USB Between the OP-Z and OP-1 for sync and midi. Then it occurred to me, couldn’t/shouldn’t this cable also be capable of running audio between the two?

The OP-Z doesn’t recognize the OP-1 as incoming USB Audio, but the OP-1 can be switched manually over to USB Audio, and also doesn’t actually port the audio through. So, what’s missing between the two, why doesn’t this work? I know a DAW could route it for me, is that all that’s missing? Directions?


unfortunately at this time neither device is a USB AUDIO HOST
there needs to be a host involved or the usb audio does not work

the Z is a MIDI HOST thats why the midi works as it does

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My guy! Thanks Doc.

I feel like you would know more about this stuff than I do, but do you think the OP-1/Z could be an audio host with a firmware update or is that a long shot?

thanks for vote of confidence :stuck_out_tongue:
but i’m afraid i dont have any more insight into the capabilities or possibilities
of the firmware // cpu than anyone else

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