OP-Z Oplab - Back in stock


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Perfect timing. I recently sent in my OP-Z and OPLAB module to TE for repair (double trigs and module not locking), and just got an e-mail this morning saying they received my units and that they would be able to ship my replacement units out hopefully by tomorrow, woo!

I was somehow hoping for a redesign with the new locking mechanism, but it looks like the OPLAB module is exactly the same. The module was out of stock for quite a while, so hopefully whatever manufacturing issue that was preventing the original locking mechanism from working correctly was resolved at least.

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I really hope they fixed the locking issue.

My unit is on it’s way back marked for the 15th. I’ll be sure to post an update if I notice improvement in the locking mechanism.

Probably they got better quality control. I don’t really think the rumble has a better locking mechanism, they both are a plastic tab that comes out, because there way the opz is you can only make the same size tab for it whether it comes from the side or straight in… regardless I bet these won’t have near as many problems and now fills can finally get them that have been waiting! Grab them quick though!!

I think part of the issue wasn’t just the design of the small tab but also whatever means the latch slid along. It did not seem to have very much preventing it from being pushed back easily and releasing itself. Also mine was just straight warped and not flush with the OP-Z so there’s that. Either way :crossed_fingers: