OP-Z / OPLAB Midi sync to tapemachine

Hi, does anyone have experience with syncing the opz (with oplab) to a tape machine via a synchronizer like the PPS-2?

@flom You have to be specific, as there was OG OPLAB, which some old skool (original release) OP-1 users may have, and then there is the new OPLAB aka ZM-1 module for OP-Z.

I imagine you are PROBABLY referring to the ZM-1 module, but I’ve learned it is never a good idea to make assumptions when providing advice, cuz a) it’s a waste of one’s own time to give advice that may not apply/be unnecessary, and b) it is potentially taking a risk with something that does not belong to you.

I def don’t want to provide advice that may only serve to help you damage your valuable investments. What is your intended use case for the OP-Z (sequencer, seq/synth, or just synth), and what is the PPS-2 connecting to sync with, for you?

If it helps in the interim, I did a quick Google search and was able to find the PPS-2 User Guide at Vintage King, who I give props to for having the manual ready to go, right there on the product sale page. :partying_face:

If that still leaves you unsure, I can help you sort this out (with more info), as I was a support engineer, working for an IPTV company, where I chased audio/video and sync signals down the lines of complicated network layouts every day for over 5 years. Pretty much the same thing, just different type of cables.

I hope this helps a little, and if you still need help, just lmk. I’m happy to help a fellow synth nerd out with tech support, wherever I am able to be of use! :slightly_smiling_face:

Still not used to this being year ‘22, so I read the original post as recent. I am sure the OP likely figured this out, since it has been a year since the inquiry :man_facepalming: