OP-Z OPLAB question

Hello, I just got my OP-Z and I’m wondering what will OPLAB do as far as connecting to external devices and sync. I have few devices (4) and at one point would like to connect them all with the OP-Z (perhaps 2 at time). I saw the RK-006 and it seems as a better Joice for the price, am missing something here?


Op lab has 3x CV. And if you combine it with a midi thru box it can have more midi outs too.

thanks fro your msg! Do you recommend it over the RK-006? If yes, please let m know why

I use the oplab and a midithru by midi solutions and am happy with it. I do not have the rk.

thanks for your comment. Im a bit confused, is the OP-Z capable of send MIDI with a TRS? If not than the RK-006 is not a good idea, since its only TRS and one USB connection

Every output port on the RK-006 can be individually set to send out full MIDI or Gate pulses, making a lovely hybrid use of it’s 3.5mm TRS connectors: You can connect DIN5 MIDI Gear via the included TRS-A to DIN5 cables or just plug in a plain ‘stereo minijack audio cable’ (preferably shielded) to sync up modular gear or even ‘minijack-MIDI’ devices like the Korg Electribe or NTS-1 and such.

the Qunexus by Keith Mcmillen gives a nice alternative in this price range, once set up it will deliver 1x gate out, 3x CV outs and 2x CV in.

they can all be configured to different Midi CCs and the smart fabric of KMI is legendary in terms of pressure sensitivity and just a joy to play on.

thanks, Ill check it out

It’s so easy and cheap to clone your CV signal:

It’s possible, because it’s Control VOLTAGE, the current for each receiver is small enough to connect this voltage to more than one input. It works! :wink: