OP -Z & Oplab with PO 400 -?

Hi guys. I have an OPZ with the oplab module and I’m trying to the 2 to work together. My understanding of the PO400 is beginner. My goal is to have the OPZ sequence the 400 and basically work with my OPZ tracks. So far I’ve only been able to get the 400 to play a pulse along with the clock of the OPZ. Any help would be appreciated.

I have the OP-Z, oplab and PO modular 170

You can use track 14 to program melodies as usual. The pitch will be sent through the right output of CV 2 (which goes to key on an oscillator) and the gate from the right output of CV 3 (which you plug into trig on the env module

Ideally, you should use split cables (TRS on one end and two mono on the other). The left output can be programmed from the same track to do automation on any other CV input on the 400