OP-Z out of tune?

When jamming with friends I noticed that my OP-Z is about a semi-tone out of key! I have no idea how this happend and don’t know how to restore it. I hope there’s a way without doing a factory reset. Anybody had the same problem and maybe know a solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, Have you checked that it affects all the presets? You may have an LFO affecting the pitch on one of your patches.

This is weird. I came on here because two on my tracks are out of tune - one by a minor third, and the other by a fifth. Both are piano samples I’ve loaded onto synth tracks, and both are samples tuned to C concert. Neither of them have any modulation or FX applied. I’m stumped!

Maybe wrong sample rate?

No, they’re all 44.1 16bit.
It’s so odd that they are different intervals.

totes a shot in the dark
but in the metadata of the .aiff sound files for the synth sampler
i believe there is a parameter for root note
maybe this got set to something incorrect
which is causing the sample tuning to not line up correctly?

Yeah, that sounds more likely.
It would explain why it’s an actual interval, rather than just out of tune.
I’ll try loading a different sample in the same slot. If it’s out by the same amount, that would be a likely explanation, right?

i wouldn’t think so, the root note parameter is self contained within each .aiff file
so in theory it could be different for every synth sample u have.

edit :: doing a lil more digging the root note param is actually base freq and takes a Hz value

u could try this site

and reload your synth sampler patch in here with the correct root note
and see if that solves it

Great. I’ll give that a shot.
Out of interest, the out of tune sounds are piano sounds. Maybe someone has a recommendation of piano sounds for OP-Z?
I’m using these three pianos
Felt Piano is a 4th higher than concert


Bechstein_piano is a major 6th too high


Hello! I have the same problem.

I´ve tried to tune it in Ableton, and resend to OP-Z , but the sound doesn´t works (no sound at all) by this way.

Did you find the way to fix it ?


Hello Everyone,

I´ve finally solved the issue.

For my sounds out of tune (Downloaded in op1fun) I´ve retuned them in Ableton. Then I export them in aiff.

Finally I use Audacity to assure 4 points :

  1. They are <= 6 sec long
  2. They are in 44kHz
  3. They are in 16 bits
  4. They are .aiff

And this is working for everysingle sound now.

Hope it helps!