OP-Z Packs

I wanted to create a thread where people can share or post OP-Z packs or sample packs compatible with the OP-Z. For those who don’t know, there is a website where you can get free (and some paid) OP-Z packs that contain samples, presets, patterns, and the like. (I have a few in there myself).

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And on that note, I just released another OP-Z Pack (and this one is FREE). This one was made until sampling my modular rig onto the OP-Z


Just posted a free (100 free copies) 8 Bit Sample pack for OP-Z. 43 synth patches to load in the sampler and 17 drum sounds. The synths are pre formatted for OP-Z, just drag and drop.

Just enter 0.

Indossa 8Bit Worps for OP-Z


Just release a new OP-Z Pack today based off my recent release “Black Lights”

You can get it at: https://opzpacks.com/collections/frontpage/products/black-lights-pack

You can check out a demo video below

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