OP-Z Pattern Chaining Question

So I thought I understood how to chain patterns but I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going wrong with my simple 2 pattern chain. I am just chaining pattern 1-2 but for some reason the OP-Z will play pattern 1 twice then pattern 2 twice, and I just want to play them once. I know if you hold P + play, while still holding play I believe it plays the pattern twice but I am not doing that. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am holding P then I hit play once then select my pattern chain of 1 then 2 but for some reason it plays them both twice. I do have both patterns slowed down to double my step count making it 32, but its playing 32 twice then 32 twice. Thanks for any help. I am obviously a new owner of the OP-Z but have 4 pocket operators so I get the general function of pattern chaining just having a bit of trouble with this random issue.

It sounds like maybe at least one of your tracks has a higher step count, as the pattern will play until the longest one is complete. I would go through each track and double-check the step count, even tracks that aren’t producing audio, like Master and Tape.

If that’s not it, try creating the chain while using the app to see if each pattern really is somehow being added twice with each press.

Thanks for the reply. I did live record most of the track patterns and thought that this might be the case but I only tried fixing the bass track because it was the obvious offender with notes at the beginning and the end that were slightly off. I will check all the tracks now because this is more than likely the solution. I did open up the app and check that 1 and 2 were only set once on the pattern chart but I think you nailed it with your first suggestion. Thanks again!