OP-Z pattern length discovery

Not sure whether others are in the know about this, but I unlocked a bit of new knowledge for myself at least. I’ve known about setting pattern length on a particular track for a long time, but it always seemed like the overall pattern length was stuck at 16, so if one track was at 6 steps then it would repeat twice and then 4/6 steps before restarting. Well, I performed an experiment by setting ALL tracks to 6 steps(including the effects, master, tape, etc) and the whole pattern was limited to 6 steps, which I verified by putting the pattern in chain. It seems like the rule is that the pattern is as long as the maximum of all of the track lengths. This knowledge makes the track length flexibility much more useful. Anyone else already know this? Did I miss something in the documentation?


Hmmmm does it take into account only patterns you have steps on and ignore unused tracks? Or are all patterns on16 steps unless you change all the tracks?

Seems like you need to change all the tracks. I never use the last track(motion) yet I needed to change the length on that in order to shorten the whole pattern length.


Thanks for testing. That is very useful to know.

Youve got it. Dont know if the manual states it explicitly. But yeah, the pattern length is whatever the longest track is set to. Even if there are no trigs on that track.

On my opz though, new patterns have a 1 bar length set as default so i dont need to go thru and change everything.

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