OP-Z playing tracks even with all 8 instruments muted (after upgrading)

I upgraded my OP-Z about 15 minutes ago, and now the song I was working on prior to that is playing even though I’ve muted all 8 instruments.

When I say playing, what I mean is I hit “play” after muting all 8 instruments, and I can hear the following instruments play: hi hat, sample, bassline, arp (a leftover sequence from the track I copied and pasted when building the song I’m currently talking about), and CH synth. Immediately before this started happening, only the hi hat, sample, and CH synth were active (not muted), as I was curious what they sounded like together with the kick and snare out of the mix. It’s like the OP-Z made a recording of this moment in time where I was doing that, and then added the bass and arp synths into the mix on top of that. Very strange.

I don’t know if it’s the upgrade, or if I somehow triggered some sort of play feature I don’t know about.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on and how I stop this? When I hit “Play” to play the actual sequence, I’ve got this really annoying doubling.

Yeah, I’m getting similar behaviours. I think I mentioned it in my thread about 12 hours on a plane with the opz

Did it start with the most recent upgrade or before?

Did you import samples in op1 format?
If so, that could be the problem, as the new fw copy all the parameters.

No, I didn’t import any samples. I downloaded the firmware, and I am not lying, one minute later the OP-Z somehow switched into (or I unknowingly activated) this function.