OP-Z + POM400 Output Help

I’ve got my OP-Z controlling a sequence on the POM 400 so now I have the whole package of bleeps and beeps - Yay! How do I now combine the audio out from each of them so I can enjoy the results on headphones or through powered speakers.

Some kind of mixer? Audio interface (utlimately would be good to record into DAW)? Would be grateful for some complete newbie level help and recommendations.


Do you have the line module for your op-z?

That would allow you to feed the POM400 audio into your op-z. Then you can send the combined audio from the op-z over usb to your computer.

Thanks dhunterr,

In the end I went with a Maker Hart mixer (Loop Mixer - 5 channel stereo audio mixer with loop function - Product/APP | Maker hart Industry Corp.) - Seems to do the job well, cheaper than the line module and allows for more future options I think.

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if they are using the opz with a modular like the pom400 they are probably using the OPLAB module and not the line module

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