OP-Z Power / Volume dial

Hello I’m new to the op-z, just bought a secondhand unit. The yellow dial has immediately fallen off. It seems to go back on easily enough but doesn’t seem like it’ll stay for long. Is it damaged or is this normal?

Many thanks.


Sounds like it is damaged, that is definitely not normal.


I have had 2 op-z. The first one started to double trig and have an audio issue so sent it back to the retailer and they sent a new one. The new has no double trig issues but the power button does fall out as you described. Not sure it is normal (50:50 in my world) but far from ideal! It does pop back in very easily and no issue with power volume at least 6 months later.

Hope that reassures you.

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I would try to give the shaft part of the knob a gentle squeeze with pliers to see if it might grip that d-shaft a bit better. There are also 3D printed aftermarket knobs, or you may get lucky and find an OE replacement, or could possibly talk to TE support and they may help you get a new OE replacement.

Thanks guys much appreciated. Just noticed a crack on the yellow dial which must have made it loose.
Loving the machine so far, was worried as soon as I bought it a Field version would come out but didn’t want to wait any longer :slight_smile:

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Maybe this might help (my ad-hoc holiday solution that ended up being perminant). The end of a budget biro. Might have to try a few that fit best though (soft ones work better)


Thanks to all who replied.

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It’s not normal but really it’s an accident waiting to happen - sometimes I don’t remember which way to turn and then I hope I just don’t break it :wink: - power switches on TE products are ridiculous. On the OG-1 it’s very fiddly, on the OP-Z just a bad design decision, on the TX-6 and OP-1F they opted AGAIN for something that is sticking out of the body. At least on the POs they gave up and forgot about it altogether.

i’ve only had problems with opz and think the power switch on field gear is one of the best parts of any TE design

what’s wrong with yours?

Nothing but turning on doesn’t feel good on the OP-Z. I don’t like the fact that you have to lift it to turn it on, same for the bluetooth pairing. There’s always cables in the way and you can’t really velcro it down or have it in a fixed position somewhere in a gigging setup.

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That sucks

Mine is able to turn on while laying flat but i would hate that

The short 3d-printed one is even better than the original.

I fixed this with plumbers tape, I wrapped around the outside of the yellow bit quite thick, pushed it in tight and it never came back out. Used to fall off all the time.


Yes exactly this.

TE should sell their own $50 plumbers tape

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