Op-z price

just to confirm, the current official price of the op-z on the TE web store is significantly lower than when it first launched, right?

Two years ago it was 599, if I remember correctly.

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thanks for the data point! i kind of remember paying $650 when they were first released. i did some googling but didn’t find anything concrete and wondered if anyone here could just easily confirm how much they originally cost…

I can confirm it was $599 when it was initially released. I got one of the units with the misprinted icons from the first batch… I just found my sales receipt from September of 2018.


Thank you for the confirmation!! And also in all the complaining about pricing, no one ever mentions that the z is a full $100 cheaper now

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I know right? I want one again SO BAD. I wonder how long they’ll keep it at that price? If it’s still there in like a month, I may get one.

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