OP-Z problem sending MIDI info to DAW

Hi everybody! I wonder if you can help with this issue it’s driving me crazy.

I’m sending each OP-Z track intro my DAW (Ableton in this case) via MIDI.

Kick is Channel 1 so goes into Ableton as CH1, and so.
All tracks all working, except tracks 2&3 (Snare and PERC). This tracks doesn’t send MIDI, neither sequencing nor playing live… I have changed all the parameters and there is no way to achieve it.

Any ideas?


isn’t there like a midi mute per track?
do u have that enabled by chance?

No that I can see it… seems like it’s nothing like that

Just to check: when you hold the Metronome and Screen index buttons at the top, are tracks 2 and 3 lit up?

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Ooooh, so easy, and so difficult!!

Thanks a lot @jtswearingen , now it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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